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Bar Space

Please vote for us at Tesco Winnall

There used to be a fully working bar, but sadly this is no longer in use. However, we would like to rejuvenate this space and get it back into use again and would like some ideas of what can be done! 

We currently have a community grant application in Tesco Winnall - WE NEED YOUR VOTES! 

Please pass this info on to anyone who may be able to visit Tesco and vote for The Winchester Lido in their Community Grants!


A coat of paint - A new floor - the current one in unstable so needs completely recovering

Ideas for the furniture - could it be recovered or should it be replaced? 

The windows - we have pictures of when the windows were in place - so would and could this be an option - would you know what to do?

Anything else that you may think about or could offer to the organisation would be really valuable to the local community!!! 

Comments (2)

Zac Wallis
Zac Wallis
Sep 16, 2022

looking great 😎

Zac Wallis
Zac Wallis
Sep 06, 2022

Just an idea!

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