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About The Winchester Lido Sports Association

A Sporting Community

The Winchester Lido Sports Association: a historical venue and community sports club offering affordable badminton, martial arts, dance and more!

The Winchester Lido Sports Association is a registered charity (no 1085447) and a cherished community venue, with a fascinating history. The original lido swimming pool and its clubhouse were built in the 1930s by a local businessman and philanthropist as a gift to the community. It has since served as a base for the armed forces during WW2 and for many local sports clubs and groups, but also as a dance hall and concert venue – most notably hosting the Rolling Stones in 1963. The pool itself was closed in the late 1970s, but the clubhouse was saved by the community and gradually refurbished. Today, it is home to many badminton clubs and the Winchester Judo and Martial Arts Club, and is used for many other activities including exercise classes, dance, and much more. You do not have to be a member to use our facilities, but for just £15 a year (£10 Students, £5 for Juniors) you can access them at even lower rates and book online!

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